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I write about my experiences in cycling, and my life, as a junior rider, balancing full time education and an ambition of turning pro.

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Tour of Mendips Report

The Junior Tour of Mendips is one of the bigger races that we have in the UK, and the final stage has what is likely the toughest parcours of any Junior National Series race. With a time trial, flat stage and a hill stage on offer it was set to be a hard-fought weekend withContinue reading “Tour of Mendips Report”

Bath RC Junior National

The month started by taking a couple of weeks off of the bike, allowing me to recover from a very active first half of the year and refocus before the biggest goals in August.Since the break, I’ve felt far better than I did at any point from May onwards, so things are looking up forContinue reading “Bath RC Junior National”

June Roundup

What a month! It’s been very hectic recently, balancing sitting A-Level exams and racing often but it really has flown by. This month, I’ve so far raced in the National Championships, The Tour of the North West, and the fabled CiCLE Classic. The National Championships this year took place in Yorkshire, on a rolling courseContinue reading “June Roundup”

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